04 February 2009

To Anyone in Charge of Hiring

Do any of my readers do any of the hiring at their jobs? If so, this is for you:
  • When somebody emails you his/her resume, it is polite to email back to say that you received it. Even if the email says, "We received your email, but we have filled the position," or "We received your resume but we are looking for somebody with a different skill set."
  • When you tell somebody that you will be in touch "either way" within the next few days, you should be in touch "either way" within the next few days. It is rude to make that person languish all weekend (during what would otherwise be a perfectly delightful trip to Jackson Hole) only to still not get back with him/her until a week after the second interview (after he/she calls twice AND sends an email). I know it is not pleasant to tell somebody that he/she has not been selected, but it is the polite thing to do, especially if you have told said person ahead of time that you will do so.
And in case you were wondering, I'm still jobless. Useful suggestions welcome.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

No useful suggestions. Just empathy. Lots of empathy.

Jillybean said...

Job searching... me no likey. That's what I'm doing too since my project right now is only temporary. Blah.

John said...

It took 2 months from my first interview to my hiring to get my first job here in Jackson. It took at least 2 months to get my second job here. It was worth the wait, though often unpleasant. Both times, when I had almost given up (one of the times, I planned on accepting a different job the next morning), I got the phone call. Be patient, keep looking for other oportunities, and be relentless.

Megan said...

Get this: TODAY, I received an email that took me awhile to comprehend. Why? because it was informing me of a position that was cancelled, and I applied for that position in July 2008!!! Thank you Human Resources! Dang! looks like that job won't pan out for me.

AmiZOOKey said...

One time I was in town to go to an interview that didn't pan out. As I was walking back to the bus stop I saw a store assistant for a luggage store struggling to communicate with an elderly Asian woman. I thought - I bet that woman is Japanese. I crossed the street and inquired and she was! I then helped her find what she was after and get a taxi and then headed back to the shop - which had incidentally just opened that day. I asked if they were hiring and gave her my cv (handy!). Her boss rang and talked to me that night and hired me over the phone - I started working there the next day.
I don't believe that was a coincidence :)