15 February 2009


I spent my last work-free days coughing, hacking and otherwise wanting to die. I am now getting over a lovely case of the flu, and the cough is lingering. Some signs point to pneumonia, but I'm being optimistic and saying, "leftover cough that will leave shortly." Please do not tell me to go to the doctor. I won't. It costs four bazillion dollars to do that when you don't have insurance. Plus, when I get there they might want to take chest x-rays, and then it will cost eight bazillion dollars.


I got a haircut on Tuesday. There are no pictures because I have looked like death lately. Also because the haircut is not very good and I have dubbed myself Mushroom Head.


Next year I am getting a flu shot.


I hate shopping for apartments. Yesterday we went on an apartment shopping bonanza. We found some decent options, and we'll be waiting to hear back on them. I was astounded, though by some of the large discrepancies in pricing. That is, we checked out one place that was an unbearably tiny, unfurnished basement apartment for $550/month. Then we saw another place that was a large, unfurnished second-floor apartment with free Internet and cable for $500/month. These landlords were confused. Especially the first one. How have they gotten people to live in their basement when it is such a hole? If I were a landlord, I would be checking out other apartments and trying to rate my apartment appropriately.


bubby69 said...

Nice to have your stories again!!! Isn't it better to pay 4 bazillion for a doctors visit than to be admitted to hospital for pneumonia with IVAB's etc which will then cost to 20 trazillion dollars??? Don't be stubborn.
Good luck with the job look forward to the blog story
Hi to Eric miss you both xx

Marcindra LaPriel said...

Doctors are way too expensive.

Housing shopping is worse than swimsuit shopping...usualy.

Jillybean said...

I like your positive outlook. I always say "I'm on the verge of being healthy." I think it works just fine :)