04 February 2009


I haven't mentioned yet that I am doing the Couch to 5k running plan. It's a workout regimen that can help get a couch potato to be able to run a 5k in about nine weeks. I am on week two for the second week in a row. Going out of town last week kind of messed me up. But, I'm happy to repeat week two. It's a good week.

I am a complete freak of nature, and I prefer running on treadmills to running outside. There are a few reasons for this:
  1. Weather. Hello controlled temperature environment. Outside is freezing, and in a few months it will be dreadfully hot. The room I run in is always nice.
  2. Measuring. I know exactly how far I've run and the length of time I've been running. Plus, I know exactly how fast I'm going.
  3. TV. There is a TV directly in front of the treadmill in this house. It has a built-in VCR so I can enjoy movies while I treadmill.
  4. No witnesses. Um, I hate the idea of anybody being able to see me huffing, puffing and otherwise wanting to die while I run around in public.
  5. The icons on the treadmill.
"What's this last one?" you say?
Notice beneath that 84, very faintly is a little icon. Well, that icon blinks on and off, and it is the icon that represents calories. Beneath the screen is a key to what all the icons mean so that you always know what the number you're looking at represents. The calories icon is a hamburger.

After this most recent workout, I determined that I was allowed to eat 84 hamburgers. Excellent.


La Yen said...

I am doing the Couch to 5K too, but with the podcasts because I like to listen. And I am the same with the treadmill. I hate being outdoors to run. Which is why I will never actually do an ACTUAL 5K.

Janssen said...

I too pick the treadmill over the great outdoors.

And I'm going to request an ice cream cone instead of a hamburger. Mmm.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Um, I don't think the 84 means what you think it means. . .

I am a treadmill lover too. I'm pretty much down with the TV. The only time in my life I ever really lost weight was when I was hitting the treadmill about four days a week. That was SO back in the day.

Jenny said...

I pretty much rock at running... not outside OR on the treadmill. I rule the running world in my DREAMS. I'm a serious contender in there, and I'm regular, too. Sometimes I even go anti-gravity, and fly. ALL, mind you, without body parts flopping around or getting winded. You should try it. And dreams don't usually tell you wacky things like now that you're done sweating and bobbing up and down on this thing, go eat 84 hamburgers. (well, at least MINE don't...)
btw-way to go!

AmiZOOKey said...

I'm doing the 200 situps programme but it got interrupted by my recurrent neck/shoulder injury - this time with nerve damage (numbness and tingling in my arms)! So I don't know how safe it is to start up again :(

Shalissa said...

My only quiet time for reading blogs is often about 2-3 AM (like tonight) while nursing not-quite-2-month-old baby Joshua. I’m afraid this severely limits my ability to type any kind of meaningful response, so I don’t do much. I’ve finally decided to write this generic response that I can cut and paste in one-handed. So if you are getting it, I’m trying to say, --“This is a great blog post: I’ve read it and I appreciate it!”
--“I love you! Keep it coming!”