10 February 2009

Clock's Ticking

I got a job yesterday! Hooray! Unlike with my last job, I do not plan on blogging the actual company I'll be working for. Just know that I have a job, and I am happy. I start on Friday. Hooray! A job!

Almost every one in this house has been sick this week. I woke up with a very unlovely cough in my chest this morning. Only Eric has yet to be ill. He rarely gets sick, so he'll probably manage to avoid it.

Since I start work on Friday, I have today, plus two more jobless days. What should I do with my time?


Science Teacher Mommy said...

Sleep and get better so that your lovely face is not all red and puffy on your first day. Congrats!

Alice said...

Take some of those drugs that help you get over colds a little faster. Feel good, be happy, and know that you are loved.

Shalissa said...

YAY on job!

Marcindra LaPriel said...

FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read that and started doing a dance and whooping and hollering and am I SO stoked to go to Target and eat the deliciousness I so long for. And while I was in the middle of my excited tantrum I read your blog title "Please, Contain Your Excitement" and immediately looked around to make sure no one had seen my fit. I thought it was kind of funny. HORRAY FOR TIM TAMS!! THREE CHEERS TO TIM TAM SLAMS!