14 January 2009

Right vs. Wrong

I'm quite particular about a lot of things. In my world, there are the Right ways to do things and the Wrong ways to do things. Some things are more devastating than others if they are not done the Right way.
  • Enchiladas MUST be made with corn tortillas. Flour tortillas don't bake well. And that's all there is to it. If you use flour, it is clear that you have never had real Mexican enchiladas in your life, and that you are doing it WRONG. (Things made with flour tortillas include soft-shell tacos, fajitas and burritos).
  • Silverware goes in the dishwasher with the prongs down. When you take the silverware out of the dishwasher, you should only touch the handles, not the things I will be eating off of at some point. If you put them with the prongs up, you are doing it WRONG.
  • Highlights in your hair. If the end product looks like you are a bumblebee or a tiger, then you have done it WRONG. (I've actually never had highlights, and I'll likely never have them for fear of looking like a bumblebee).
  • The spelling of my name. It is the same as the wine. S-H-E-R-R-Y. If you spell it any other way, you are spelling it WRONG.
What are some of your things that must be done the RIGHT way?


Janssen said...

Making the bed is the right thing to do.

John said...

Sherry? Is that you? How in the world did you get so anal retentive? Who did you get this trait from?

Jenny said...

putting shirts in the wash with one sleeve turned inside out is wrong. ditto for pants and the out-turned stray leg. If you are done showering, throwing your towel over the shower curtain rod is WRONG. Hanging it on the towel rod would be right. How do I not have you for a friend yet?

AmiZOOKey said...

I was at the Urgent Doctors today having x-rays taken - when the x-ray tech called my name out I didn't realise that she had - this is because she called for:

That poor woman still has no idea that she pronounced my name WRONG because I finally responded as I realised she had called for me because no one else was responding.

I FEEL your pain.

bubby69 said...

Husbands not reading instructions is so wrong

Tim and Lara said...

This probably sounds really weird, but after you go to the bathroom, if you don't put the toilet seat AND LID down, you are doing it WRONG! Why are we not all taught this way? You close the lid before you flush and that is RIGHT! No one should have to stare into a nasty toilet bowl. Also, if you leave it open, you're just begging to lose some items in its abyss! I'm so glad my dear sister who lost a scrunchie or two(back when scrunchies were cool) to the toilet bowl thieves taught me this very important life lesson.

Janet said...

I'm with you on the silverware DOWN in the dishwasher! In fact on last week's episode of LOST a guy was killed because he fell into an open dishwasher where a knife was pointing up! My point exactly!