25 January 2009


I feel like I've done this before. But here I go again:

4 Things I'm Passionate About:

  • Good spelling and punctuation
  • Cooking
  • Genealogy
  • Books
4 Words or Phrases I Use Often:
  • "And then I died."
  • "Why do you hate me?"
  • "When I get a job we can buy ..."
  • "Don't be such a teenager."
4 Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
  • Go skydiving.
  • Go on a mission with Spouse.
  • Meet a Prophet.
  • Go for a hot air balloon ride.
4 Things I Have Learned From the Past:
  • Practical jokes are usually not that funny.
  • Speaking in haste is usually not a great idea.
  • You can pick and choose which Uni assignments to complete, which to do half-way, and which to ignore altogether.
  • Not everyone is as interested in politics as I am. And most of those people are wrong, anyway.
4 Places I Want to See or Visit:
  • Italy (to see The David, the Sistine Chapel and the Pieta)
  • France
  • England (especially London and out and about to do some family history)
  • Chicago (mostly for family history purposes)
4 Favorite Restaurants:
  • Cafe Rio
  • J-Dawg's
  • Mimi's Cafe
  • Chef's Table
4 Things that Happened Yesterday:
  • I woke up at noon.
  • I went to the library.
  • I watched the second disc of the HBO mini-series John Adams. It's awesome. I highly recommend it.
  • I went to a Chinese New Year party. Bring on the ox!


Bart said...

I've never been to J-Dawg's. I wonder if it'll stick around long enough for some crazy thing to happen to get me to go. We'll see.

I want to go skydiving, too, but Janssen does not, which makes it less likely I'll end up going. I was actually scheduled to go before my mission but the instructor called and canceled beforehand (I think he was sick or the weather was bad). I didn't have much time to try to reschedule before entering the MTC, and I decided not to tempt fate at that point.

fionnaj said...

I have been skydiving and not the wimpy tandem kind. If you ever get the chance, go for it. It was the most scary yet exciting thing I have ever done.
I bet you are glad to be back home enjoying Cafe Rio. It will be a while before I get to eat there again.

bubby69 said...

Sorry for tagging you I didn't understand the whole tag thing but still nice to know what's Sherry's been up to. Do you speak Hebrew? Ammon from church told me you did. He also said he misses you and that you were an awesome seminary teacher.