23 January 2009

I would love to use my memory for something more useful, but alas...

I had a chat with my friend Jenn today, in response to her comment on a recent post. It went like this.

: also, would you like me to tell you my entire high school schedule from freshman through senior years?
because i can.
Jennifer: haha
no thanks
i would be interested in reading a blog post about it, though...maybe including the good and the bad of each class
and let me know which ones i was in, too. thanks
The thing is, I can remember lots of things from the past, especially things from high school, which is actually unfortunate since I hated high school so very, very much.

And so for Jenn:

Freshman Year:
1- Technology class with the druggies. MASSIVE waste of time.
2- World History with possibly the dumbest honors teacher I had my entire high school career.
3- GT English with the best teacher ever, DeBord (later called DeGunn)
4- Geometry with a very good math teacher who was sometimes boring
5- Biology with Coach Haney. Jenn was in this class with me. Coach Haney hated me. He was also not a very good teacher, but he wasn't terrible either.
6. Spanish
7. Color Guard first semester, band (percussion) second semester. I rather disliked the percussion director and was pleased when he didn't return

Sophomore Year:
1- Newspaper with DeGunn. Awesome.
2- Spanish- I remember getting better grades than some of the native speakers. Yes, I'm awesome. Also, I can spell. There was a set of twins in my class. I could never keep them straight.
3- GT English with DeGunn
4- Algebra II with the same teacher as the year before
5- World History with Coach Anderson. Coach Anderson hated me. This was the class with the kid who took me on a date as BET. Still not over that. (Hello nearly ten-year grudge).
6- Chemistry. Jenn was in this one with me. It was my favorites science that I took in high school, but I wouldn't have touched the college-level class with a ten-foot pole.
7- Color Guard first semester, band the second

Junior Year
1- Spanish first semester, Econ the second- When I had the first period class one of the twins was in that class. Then, second semester when I had Spanish last, the other twin was in that class. I also worked with one of them that year. I still don't know which one. Econ was, hands down, the best "regular class" I took in high school.
2- U.S. History- With Jenn. We spent many a day talking about our BYU applications.
3- GT English with DeGunn
4- Speech (as in giving speeches) first semester, Business Law second semester. I survived these classes only because of my friend, Fermin. He was (and still is) awesome.
5- Newspaper with DeGunn
6- Pre-Calculus- This was an interesting class because even though I had it with my "regular" group of friends, I hardly worked with them. Usually I worked with three boys of different races, and we exchanged racial slurs as we worked through problems together. It was a good time. My favorite was to ask Phong if he ate dog for dinner the night before.
7- Color Guard first semester, Spanish the second

Senior Year
We went to block schedule that year.
1a- Spanish
2a- English (far easier than my previous three years with DeGunn, but the teacher was also far inferior). Jenn was with me in this one.
3a- Physics- I never would have survived this class without my friend, James. Unfortunately, he skipped school a lot that year.
4a- AP Bio. What a joke! We had piggy-back ride races and played "the color game." Jenn was with me in this one.
1b- Teacher's Aide for DeGunn first semester, Health with freshman second semester. I usually found a way to leave class and go back to DeGunn's room to work on something.
2b- Newspaper with DeGunn. Jenn had yearbook at the same time. Sometimes I hung out with her while she developed film.
3b- Calculus. I wanted to die. Every, single day. Then I got a 3 on the AP test, and it was all worth it. Jenn was in this one, too.
4b- Psychology first semester, government second. Ms. Bourgeois taught both, and she was awesome. I was very sad to hear that she passed away a few years ago. Jenn joined me during the second semester. (Um, were you also there first semester? Because I'm pretty sure you had Color Guard then).


Bart said...

That's pretty impressive, Sherry. You took quite a bit of Spanish!

I have a hard time remembering my high school classes, especially freshman and sophomore years. They're pretty much gone.

Jillybean said...

Oh! Someone else who can remember random things!! That, my friend, is another good reason why you are a great genealogist.

AmiZOOKey said...

What is colour guard? Amongst other things...

Also I had a class much like your AP Bio in Highschool - it was my 6th form Chemistry class - I think I told you about it.
Our teacher Mrs Patterson was pregnant and was very open to just basically doing nothing. One time she arrived and was showing us pictures of her house I think? It was Friday and none of us wanted to work so we asked her if we could play charades instead and she said Yes.
(I think I have told you this before)
Actually after Mrs Patterson left to have her baby she was replaced by Mr Weston - basically a freshly graduated student teacher - who was actually NOT a chemistry teacher but a BIOLOGY teacher (how ironic), and hence taught us Chemistry from a text book.
Then at the end of the year we asked him the exam - he said he had taken it and it was EASY - he did the exam open book of course.

Anna said...

yeah sherry, I am with bart. high school is very very hazy. I am quite impressed!