10 December 2007

A Fond Farewell

Last night was our last time to go to Cousins' Dinner, which is hosted by Eric's Aunt Mimi and Uncle Paul. Cousins' Dinner is a monthly occasion for the college-aged cousins, plus the three that Paul and Mimi have (two of which are now in college). I mentioned Cousins' Dinner once before. It is something I always look forward to, not only because the food is consistently amazing, but also because the conversation is always entertaining, and sometimes insightful. Even though we are no longer students, Paul and Mimi still let us come because Eric was a T.A. this year, and because the number of college-aged kids is dwindling.

Usually Mimi does all the cooking, but sometimes she asks some of the married ones to bring a salad or dessert. We were in charge of dessert, and I made the Chocolate Banana Pound Cake that Janssen mentioned a while back. SO good. I found Cinnamon Chips at Albertson's. They are normally $2.99/bag, but they were on sale for $1.99 the day I bought them. I bought 3 bags because even before I made the cake, I knew I would love it. And right I was. I eagerly look forward to making this cake for the next work party! Everyone will think I'm amazing. Well, more amazing than they already think I am.

Also, the cake is super easy to make. Just make sure you let it cool completely before dumping it out of the pan. Otherwise, the top of the cake will stay in the pan, and the cake will merely taste much better than it looks. Not that I know this from experience.


Alice said...

Make sure you tell Jennsen that you can freeze bannanas, and use them at a later date

allicat4 said...

Mmmm, chocolate and bananas. May I have the recipe?

allicat4 said...

Ha! Just kidding...followed the link like I was supposed to!

Noelle said...

Ha ha, that totally sounds like something I would do. I'm quite impatient like that sometimes. :) I have yet to try it, but with another success story like this, I think I might later this week!