31 December 2007

2007 Highlights (Year, not quantity)

I like to look back at each year and list the highlights. Every year I'm surprised by how many great things have happened in the last year. I thought I'd share a few with you. Let me know if I blew it and missed something really grand.

  • Savanna, a niece born in January
  • Diana, a niece born in May
  • Colette, a niece born in June
  • Steven and Rhonda's wedding
  • Kathleen getting into the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  • All of the GBLs being in town for Christmas
  • GRADUATION!!!! Eric and I graduated from BYU this year. We walked together in April, but I didn't officially finish until August.
  • Eric got accepted to the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, and we are going there SIX WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!!
  • I got a grown-up job, and I get to keep it when we live across the planet.
  • Eric joined the Crisis Team and then became the manager of the Crisis Team.
  • Eric got a couple of raises.
  • We went to San Diego to watch Michelle run (and win!).
  • I went to Texas for my brother's wedding.
  • We went to Jackson Hole in June to canoe the Snake River with Gordon, Kathleen and Andrew and to see Colette.
  • We went to Jackson Hole in August for Colette's blessing.
  • We went to Seattle to visit Matt and Michelle for Thanksgiving.
  • We went to Jackson Hole for Bridger's baptism.
  • We bought our plane tickets for New Zealand.
When we were sitting over dinner a few weeks ago we thought of many, many other highlights for this year. This is just a recap of some of the best reasons to be grateful for 2007!

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TheMoncurs said...

Man, I wish my husband would be open to moving to a foreign country for a couple years! I'm all for it, but he? Does not even want to discuss leaving Arizona. You are one lucky woman!