29 December 2014

White Christmas

We woke up on Christmas morning to snow on the ground. After opening presents at home and then opening presents at Eric's parents' house, we eventually headed out to go sledding.

From the beginning Felix was not really crazy about the idea. Mostly he was just upset that we made him wear a snow suit. After the first ride together when he got snow in his face he always opted to face me as we rode down.

 Eventually he had just had enough. Eric took him back to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a nap while I stayed and sledded with Ike.

We had a great time together.

He enjoyed riding by himself, but mostly he loved to ride with me. I let him ride on my back a couple of times, which was fairly amusing.
Grandma and Grandpa came to join us just as we were calling it a day.

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