24 December 2014

Meeting Santa Claus

The boys got to meet Santa Claus a few weeks ago. It went about as expected. Ike was eager to sit on his lap, tell him that he's 4 now, and request some dinosaurs for Christmas. Felix was reluctant to meet him, and even more reluctant to sit on his lap. I did manage to get him to say, "toys, please" before we left.

On a similar note, on Saturday we had a choir practice before our Christmas program that was held on Sunday. Felix sat and stood in the last pew the entire hour. He didn't play with any other children or seek out Eric or me to hold him. Near the end of the rehearsal Ike informed Eric that he needed to use the bathroom, so off he went, and he didn't come back. Soon we were looking for him. I didn't realize that another ward* was having a Christmas brunch while our rehearsal was going on. One of the men from the other ward approached Eric and asked him if he was looking for a little blonde boy in a red hoodie. When Eric told him that he was, the man said that Ike had sat down at a table and eaten a plate of food (probably one that was set out for some other child who then abandoned it), and then went to go see Santa Claus. Eric found him in line, eager to talk to Santa Claus again.  And that story, in a nutshell, is how my boys are different.

*A ward is a name for a Mormon congregation. It's sort of like a parish. Usually multiple wards share one church building and stagger their meeting times for efficiency.

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