15 April 2014

Roman Shade Project

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know I spent a lot of time a couple of weeks ago making a Roman shade for my kitchen window. This window had been in great need of a covering since we moved in. I even set a goal in 2012 to get it done, but it just didn't happen. (I did manage to get curtains for the patio door, though.) Finally, I saw something on Pinterest that seemed like it would be a perfect solution for the window. It was a really straightforward Roman shade tutorial. I read over it a few times, and then I got busy.

After consulting a friend I ordered some fabric from the interwebs. I got lucky and bought the last two yards they had in stock, and it was marked down to a decent price. I tried to get most of the hardware at Home Depot, and they really didn't have most of the things I needed. Ultimately I bought it all on Amazon. The really nice thing about buying it there is that once I added drapery cord to my basket, Amazon suggested all the other stuff I needed. It made it incredibly easy.

Pinning and sewing the shade was a bit more challenging than I expected, largely because the window I was covering was so wide (46 inches). The friend I'd consulted with on choosing the fabric worked with me on the shade. Actually, she pretty much did everything and I helped. If I had done it on my own, I can assure you that I would have had to tear out a lot of stitches.

Hanging it was a bit of a challenge because my window seems to have some sort of metal plate that runs along the top, but Eric was super handy and managed to get it hung. And now we can go downstairs in our skivvies without worrying that the neighbors behind us (who can see straight into our kitchen window because their home is on a hill) might catch a glimpse of us.

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