06 April 2014

Felix - Eighteen Months

At eighteen months Felix is adorable. And small. He still can't fit into most pants sized 12-18 months. He is an even later teether than Ike; he has two bottom teeth (that he got at 11 months) and one top tooth that has come down about halfway. His other top tooth has been thinking about breaking through for a few weeks now. I'm not expecting it any time soon.

He has a growing vocabulary and says about 12 words. (My favorite is "bye" which sounds like "bay." Watching him pat himself and others on the head while saying "duck" is a close second. "Wow" is probably next in line. Especially when he says it without prompting.) His favorite person is Dad, but he thinks Mom is okay too. If Ike is sitting in a parent's lap, Felix is eager to join too.

He loves animals, unless there is actually a chance the animal might touch him in any way. You are more likely to get an excited, "HI!!!!" out of him if you are an animal than if you are a human.

Felix loves his pacifiers and gets excited about bed time because it means he gets to have them back. When we go to get him after he wakes up, he is pretty willing to hide them under his blanket and tell them "bye." If he ever has a chance to get one outside of bedtime, he will come find me, very triumphantly, with a binkie in his mouth. As soon as I say, "Hey, you. Binkies are for bed time." He quickly scurries off.

I call him every variant of his name that you can imagine (and some you probably couldn't imagine), but mostly I just call him Wiggles. Because he doesn't sit still. It's likely that I wouldn't notice his wiggly nature so much, except that he wants to be held constantly so it's hard not to notice.

Felix's hair is like his older brother's; blonde and wispy. He still looks bald most of the time, but there is some hair there. The back is starting to turn into a mullet, but the curls are so cute that Eric won't let me cut off his party in the back.

When it gets wet it looks really long. A few months ago during bath time Ike saw Felix's long hair and said, "Oh no! He's a girl!"

*Editor's note - The very day this posted we realized Felix had two molars coming in. One had already broken through the gums a bit, and the other was on the verge.

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