27 December 2013

What Would Have Been

We didn't do a Christmas card this year, but this is the picture we would have used had we done one. Since we didn't do a Christmas card we also didn't write a Christmas letter. Actually, even in years when we've sent cards we haven't sent true letters, but we have sent little lists about our year. This year's would have said:

  • Eric changed careers and is now a special education teacher at a local elementary school. He has 12 students, and he is loving his job.
  • Sherry has been plugging away at work and at home and has not done anything particularly unusual, interesting, or otherwise noteworthy this year.
  • Ike (3) loves dinosaurs, airplanes, and cars. He can talk your ear off.
  • Felix (1) is cute and happy.
And then it would have said something about wishing you a merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014.

So just pretend that we squeezed the Christmas cards and accompanying year-end summary into our budget this year, and consider yourself a recipient of said card and letter.

1 comment:

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I did it for about 4 years after we got married. . . then I just felt overwhelmed one year and starting doing the math on sending out 75 plus cards and just felt sick. I'm a hypocrite too, because I love to get them, especially from people who don't Facebook, but I just can't add one more thing to Christmas. I just can't.