16 December 2013

Unfortunate Haircut

I got a haircut on Saturday. She took off about 4 inches, which is about what I wanted. It had been nearly a year since my last haircut, so I was glad to get rid of the many split ends. But at the end when she asked me if I wanted her to frame my face, I should have said "no." Or I should have specified that I wanted the shorter pieces to be not so short. What am I supposed to do with these bits of hair that are chin-length? If you see me wearing headbands a lot for the next while, this is why.


Jana said...

Well, as the person who doesn't have to personally 'do' your hair every morning, I think it looks really good!

But as a person who has had different lengths of hair at one time, I send you my condolences and best wishes! Maybe bobby pin up those sections like you would bangs that you're trying to grow out??

Jess Wilson said...

I usually.get my hair cut like that. I love it. It looks good on you, frames your face. I say keep it. :)