03 December 2013

Thanksgiving Break

Eric had a glorious 5 days off of school. I used one of them to let him stay home with the boys while I worked all day.

On Thanksgiving I ran (but mostly walked, let's be honest) the first annual Pilgrim 5k, where I dressed up as a Native American. I did not win the costume contest, but I would have had the only other person who dressed up as a Native American not been a little girl. Ike got to sit at a little kid table, where I'm 99% sure he consumed only M&M's, raisins and candy corn from his nut cup. Also, now that I think of it, he ate some olives. The day after Thanksgiving we decorated for Christmas, with all the glass bulbs hung sufficiently out of reach of our non-walking toddler. On Saturday we rode on a train (just TRAX, really).

We went to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. Hooray for holidays!

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Janssen said...

Isn't it kind of ridiculous that we are full-fleddged adults now?