30 May 2013

Rascal - An Apt Name

A few weeks ago Eric's sister and her family were in town for a short visit. Eric's sister really likes horses, so her mom arranged for Michelle to go riding on some friends' horses. I decided to tag along. I had a lot of fun. Except at the end when I got bucked off. (Since then I've been surprised to learn how many other people have been thrown off of horses. It seems like at least one third of the people I've mentioned it to have said that it's happened to them before too.) I started on a different horse, but midway through Michelle and I switched. This horse didn't want to keep up a quick pace, and he kept slowing down. I had to get off a couple of times to get my saddle and stirrup fixed. Finally I had him going at a good pace, but the saddle was still loose. Michelle shouted for me to slow down so I could get the saddle tightened. I tried, but at that point Rascal (the horse) just took off. Then I screamed for him to stop, at which point he probably thought, "Ha! She has no idea what she is doing!" (He was right.) And then he bucked me off.
It happened really quickly. I landed on my shoulder/back first and then continued my flip and banged my lower hip/back. I didn't break my neck, but I'm still having a little trouble with my back. I'm not really sure how long to let it bother me before I go see somebody. And I'm not sure who to see. A chiropractor? Maybe, but I definitely don't want the kind who will tell me that my eyeballs are in backwards and my liver has traded places with my spleen and I need to come see the chiropractor for the rest of my life to keep my body in order. Maybe a physical therapist? But do I need a referral for that? But maybe if I just give it a bit more time it will get better.


heidikins said...

Dude, go see someone. I prefer physical therapists to anyone else because they can pretty much do most of what a chiropractor can do and they seem less quacky to me.

Call your regular doc and ask for a referral if the PT office requires one, but if not, JUST GO!

Your back and spine are FAR too important ignore, and if something is misaligned you will cause more damage the longer you wait. (As someone who has had pretty major back problems for the last 5 years I feel I can state this with some authority.)


Science Teacher Mommy said...

I say a physical therapist . . . though I do really like my chiropractor. The PT could probably give you a better medical diagnosis.

Too bad the horse bucked you off; he is kind of an adorable horse. Like a really, really big dalmation.