20 May 2013

Virtuous Pet Names.

My friend got a canary for Mother's Day. When I asked her what she planned to name it, she said she wanted to give it a name that would remind her son to behave. Something like, "Don't Say Potty Words." Or "Be Obedient."

If our family were to get a pet and name it some sort of quasi-virtue name, these would be on our list of possibliities:
  • Don't Run Away. (Either that, or Stay By Mom and Dad.)
  • No Shouting.
  • No Hitting. Or Kicking. Or Biting. (That's a new, really weird thing he's been doing.)
  • Take It Easy.
  • Don't Stand on Mom's Feet.
  • Eat Your Dinner.
  • Don't Throw Toys Down the Stairs.
  • Put It Back.
  • It's Okay. He's Just A Little Baby.
If you were to name a pet some with a name that serves as a reminder to your children, what would it be?


Steve Finnell said...

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Packrat said...

Stop and Think. LOL

Anonymous said...

i'd make it don't climb on the dog lol or "not a jungle gym" or "dont try to pick me up it doesnt work"