06 June 2013

Felix - Eight Months

My little Felix is a wiggly, happy baby. He loves to be held, but not to cuddle. He loves to watch Ike play, even though Ike pays little to no attention to him. Felix doesn't like to be left alone.

He's still very tiny (which is great considering how much he likes to be held). His clothes are all sized 3-6 months, even though he "should" have outgrown those clothes two months ago. There is a baby down the street who was born in February and has already outgrown this guy. There is a baby across the street who was born in March and has also outgrown this guy. (Neither of those boys are average sized. They are both really large, so I'm comparing two extremes here.)

Despite being small, Felix loves to eat. I've started giving him finger foods, and it's amusing to watch how little of the food actually gets into his mouth.

This month he's really mastered army crawling. A month ago he was getting the basics of it, but his arms regularly got trapped beneath his body, so he had a scoot-scoot-faceplant pattern. Now he can keeps his arms out in front of himself, and he can really move. He's also figured out how to sit up on his own. As with Ike, I found him sitting up on his own several times before I actually saw him make the transition.

We've gotten used to having him in our family. We love this little guy.

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