16 April 2013


Here are some very domestic things I've been doing lately.
  • Regularly making my own whole wheat bread. Although, I could sure use some suggestions on a good recipe that works well in Utah. The one I'm using is only so-so, and I haven't figured out how to modify it for our climate and altitude.
  • Keeping my vegetable tidbits in a gallon-size bag in the freezer, and then using it to make vegetable broth. In the most recent time I even had Eric add the boiled vegetable bits to the compost after the broth was made.
  • I washed my pillows. They took ages and ages and ages to dry. But they sure smell nice now.
  • On occasion I manage to put away my boys' laundry on the same day it gets washed. (Okay, that's pretty much a lie. I don't think that that's happened since January. We regularly have conversations like this: "Where are Felix's burp cloths?" "In his drawer." "There are none there." "Oh, check the dryer." Sometimes these conversations are repeated for about three days.
  • Sweeping. Always sweeping.
  • I made a giant container of "refried" beans to use instead of the canned kind we usually use for burritos (one of our go-to meals). We have several freezer bags of beans at the ready.
Wow, that's only six bullet points. I feel like I'm more domestic than that.


Brianne said...

Tell me more specifically what you'd like to improve with your bread, and I may or may not have ideas. :)

Packrat said...

you are more domestic than what you posted. you are a wife. you cook, clean, and chase after two little boys. :)

Jenn said...

I consider it an accomplishment when I remember to put the laundry in the dryer. I don't know how many loads I've had to rewash because they got forgotten about and started mildewing in the washer. So ...no domesticity awards over here. But every time I do laundry, I still tell myself TODAY will be the day I put the laundry away the same day I wash it!

trishtator said...

Vegetable broth is the way to go. After realizing I didn't have to deal with lots of chicken meat and parts when I made it veggie, and that it tasted just as good (better?), there's been no going back. I keep containers of it in the freezer, and one in the fridge.

I however do not support the use of tomatoes in vegetable broth. I sometimes buy a boxed broth as backup that had tomato...it just doesn't fit!

Congrats on your domesticity!