06 April 2013

Felix - Six Months

These six months have flown by. Felix is such a sweet baby. I think my sister-in-law said it best this week when she said that he just looks around him for something to be happy about. It's true. He is a happy little baby.

He's still tiny, but he's strong. He has now mastered rolling in both directions. I think he'll be crawling by next month, but I made predictions like that with Ike, and they were usually wrong. He has a bald head, blue eyes, and no teeth. People who hold him always almost comment on how wiggly he is. This boy's got places to go, I guess.

Felix is fascinated with his older brother. He's also fascinated with the ceiling fan, so it really boils down to perpetual motion.

In the last month I've had several people comment about how he's looking more and more like his brother. It's true. He is.

Felix doesn't sleep really well at night, or during naps, for that matter. Despite this, I love him heaps.

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Packrat said...

He's adorable. Can't believe 6 months!