16 March 2013

Pie, Ponies, Patricks, Etc.

It's been a busy week. There is work as usual, plus some other stuff:

We had a Pi Day party. I let Ike help me with our two pumpkin pies. It took about 50% longer and was at least 70% messier than if I had done it while he napped, but I'm glad we did it together. It was a good opportunity for me to work on being a more present parent. No pictures of the finished pies, nor of the pie buffet. It was fun, though!
The weather was warm enough (in the 50's) that we went on two walks to the park. Plus, today, we went to the nearby model airplane runways to watch the hobbyists fly their little planes. It was fun and chilly.

We said hello to Francis, and we said goodbye to Rusty and sold him for scrap metal.

I took Ike to see the farm animals. He rode the pony without me walking by his side. He looked exceptionally bored the whole time, but as soon as the ride was over and I went to get him down, he begged for more.

Felix started on solid foods, and he thinks that is pretty awesome. I made my own baby food today, which I think is pretty awesome.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, which is a bit of a  big deal in our house. I will prattle on all day about my Irish ancestors. Eric will pretend that he's Irish too. (Scots-Irish ancestors do not count. They were the oppressors!) We'll eat corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and Irish soda bread. Everyone will be grateful that we normally stick to more flavorful and healthful cuisine the other days of the year.


Packrat said...

Cute pictures. If your weather is like ours, it is good you got outside when you did. (It's snowing here right now.) The only unhealthy thing about your dinner might be the overload of salt. :)

Jana said...

Francis looks intriguing! And isn't walk-able weather the best when you have little boys?