06 March 2013

Felix - Five Months

At five months old, Felix's five favorite things are:
  1. Mom.
  2. Mom.
  3. Mom.
  4. Mom.
  5. Dad and Ike.
That's a bit of an exaggeration, but this baby loves me, and I love him. He loves interaction from most people, but he especially loves it from me. I can get him to chuckle pretty consistently, and it's always funny.

Felix loves to be held. It's a good thing that he is such a tiny guy (only in the third percentile for weight), or else I'd get pretty exhausted holding him as much as I do. I rock him to sleep for naps and bedtime. He doesn't sleep quite like Ike did, but he's still a good sleeper all around.

He comes to work with me, and my co-workers love him. He gets passed around at meetings sometimes, and he's often on the lookout for me as he gets shifted from one person to the next.

Felix is incredibly wiggly. I love it. Sometimes when I place him on the floor on his back he'll rotate all around. He's close to rolling onto his belly, but he hasn't quite managed it yet.

He doesn't spit up as much as Ike, but he does spit up a lot. It's gross. I'm ready for that phase to be over. He's starting to act interested in food, and that's pretty cute too.

The outfit pictured on the right is sized 0-3 months. It's still big on him. Right after Easter last year, when I was still not very pregnant, I bought a gender-neutral Easter onesie figuring that my baby would be about six months old around Easter. I'm pretty certain that it will still be quite large on him six weeks from now. It's a good thing I got it on clearance.

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