21 December 2012

Winter Whatnots

Eric took Ike sledding for the first time last weekend. I did not join them because I had a cold, I had an infant, and I had to work. Next time I'm going to be the fun parent, though. There is a great hill by our house, so it isn't hard to pop over there, sled until the toddler is worn out and then come on home. Eric also started to build a snowman, until Ike got bored. That is why there is a large body of a snowman in our side yard. I fear it will never melt.

In other news, we refinanced our house and now have an interest rate of 3.25%. It's a great time to be new homeowners.

When we attended our ward Christmas party a few weeks ago I took Ike to say hello to Santa and to ask for a candy cane. He didn't care at all about Santa and was only interested in the "sucker." (Our ward has far too many children for Santa to sit down and listen to gift requests. Instead he roams walks around and passes out candy canes.) In general he doesn't understand Christmas. He likes the lights, and he likes the decorations, but he does not have any sort of great anticipation when it comes to the presents. He sees them beneath the tree, and he'll open them when we tell him to, but otherwise it has no impact. He also thinks that every bearded character in the nativity set is Jesus, no matter how many times we try to tell him that the baby is Jesus. He is pretty certain we are wrong.

We attended the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert with guest artists Alfie Boe and Tom Brokaw. It was everything I hoped it would be.

I haven't cooked a single meal this week. On Monday Eric brought food home from work. On Tuesday Eric brought food home from work. On Wednesday we ate dinner at Eric's parents' house. Last night we had the rest of the food that Eric brought home on Tuesday. Tonight we have another family function.

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Jenny said...

Your week of no-cooking is every mom's dream.
Have a Merry Christmas!!