21 May 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend I took my fifth trip in seven weeks. Unlike the others this was not a work trip, and I got to take Ike with me. We flew to Sacramento where we met my sister who was coming in from Dallas. Then we headed up to the Redding area to attend our cousin's wedding.

  • Getting to hang out with my sister for a weekend. We hadn't seen each other since last July, and Ike needed an aunt to dote upon him. (At least he thinks he did.)
  • Going to my cousin's wedding. We just met for the first time in 2010, and my sister had never met her. (I know, it's odd. It's also kind of complicated.)
  • Being in beautiful northern California. It's seriously lovely up there. Kind of hot, but lovely.
  • Some incredible strangers who helped me lug my belongings and care for my toddler during my travels. Seriously, I owe the universe so many good deeds after this weekend. One man carried my luggage and Ike's car seat from the shuttle bus to the Southwest Airlines check-in line. To me it was way above and beyond a simple favor.
  • Visiting the Sundial Bridge and the Shasta Dam.
  • Viewing the solar eclipse via the reflections of another passenger's wedding ring. When the light hit it just right the reflections made these perfect crescents all around. I knew I wouldn't have the chance to see the eclipse because I'd arrive back in Utah too late, so I was very happy when she pointed out the reflections. It was as good as I could get given the traveling circumstances.
  • Getting my child to finally call me "ma" when trying to get my attention; as opposed to just shouting at me indiscriminately.
  • Watching my child put two signs together for the first time; they were "more" and "please." Of course.
  • Coming home to a very clean house, home-made beef jerky and brownies, and a husband who finished a couple of other projects over the weekend. He was a busy man.
On a mostly unrelated note, yes, this is what 19 weeks pregnant with my second baby actually looks like. Feel free to be jealous; I'm still in regular clothes and shocking people when I tell them I'm pregnant.

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