26 May 2012

20 Weeks

Twenty weeks, folks. Where is the baby? Hanging out toward my back, I believe.

It's pretty common knowledge that your belly pops out faster on the second pregnancy. I did experience that a little bit, but for the most part people who don't know I'm pregnant can't really tell that I've got a baby bump. A couple of weeks ago, my boss, whom I am friends with on Facebook and who has commented on/liked various pregnancy status updates, asked me to verify that I was indeed pregnant. For comparison, this was me at 21 weeks with Ike:
Also, I've been trying to decide if I should go back to short hair. Historically Eric had liked it short (like the third picture), but then sometime before Ike was born he was looking at pictures from earlier in our marriage and asked me to grow it out again. I haven't gotten it cut short in about two years, but I'm considering going back to that for a while. Thoughts?


Angela Noelle said...

I think you look younger with it short. x

Jenny said...

I like the shorter hair--it frames your face so nicely! CUTE belly.