06 August 2011

Eight Months

It's been a busy month for Ike. He army crawls now, and has been basically since a day or two after the Seven Months post. He also regularly sits up on his very own. In fact, he managed to sit up on his own several times before Eric or I ever actually witnessed the transition. We would leave him lying down and come upon him sitting up, and we knew that he had to have done it on his own, but how?

Now that he army crawls so well he is almost always on the move. He loves to follow me around and pull on my pant legs or bump his head against my legs until I pick him up. It might sound annoying, but it's really quite adorable.

With that said, he's really not a needy child at all. He can entertain himself for very long periods of time (like 30 minutes sometimes). Every now and then he'll babble to me, and I'll give him verbal confirmation that he's having a lot of fun, and then he's off on his own again.

He likes his toys well enough, but his favorite things are the things that are not toys - computer cords, pens and markers (with lids on, of course), paper, wall outlets, rubber bands, safety pins, cell phones and any other non-toy item he can find. Fortunately he is too little to cause much destruction, so far.

Ike still loves people. He doesn't mind being passed around at parties, and he's as observant of people as he's ever been.

He's become quite attached to Tobias, his sock monkey with a Santa hat. (One of these days I will take that hat off of him and sew on a more appropriate year-round hat. But not so far.) Tobias is his bedtime buddy, and he and Ike have developed quite a friendship.

Ike has yet to try a food he doesn't like. That includes pretty much all baby foods plus some regular foods, including pickles. He didn't even make a funny face when I fed him a bit of pickle the other night. Although he wasn't a huge fan of root beer.

I have finally hit a point where I am not waiting for Ike to be older. I am thrilled with his level of interaction, how cuddly he is, how excited he is to see me or Eric and how much he loves life. He still spits up, but everything else that is awesome about him makes up for that minor detail.
LinkHis eyes have not settled on a color. They vary from gray/blue to green/brown almost daily. We will have to see what finally becomes of them.