25 August 2011

The Glorious Magic Eraser or Why My Nephews Haven't Been Banned From My House

I do not know how they managed it, but when they came to stay for a couple of days in July my nephews left a lot of scuff marks on my walls. A lot of them, folks. And in the most bizarre places - like chest-high. How did they do that?

Anyway, soap and water did not work. Scrubbing a lot did not work. I didn't know what to do. How do I make these things go away? Then I remembered that I'd heard great things about Magic Erasers.*

And oh, how magical they are! No more scuff marks! Easily rubbed away.

Plus, I got my bathtub and sinks really clean - cleaner than ever before, probably. I don't think I've ever had so much fun cleaning things.

Which means when my brother called last week to see if they could come visit in November, I was able to tell them that would be fine. I would challenge my nephews to do their worst, but I'm sure they could actually cause a lot of damage. No challenges will be issued.

*I was not paid to say these things about Magic Erasers. And actually, I used the Wal Mart brand, so I guess it's really those that I am praising.


heidikins said...

My mom runs a pre-school out of her home and one of the kids took a black dry erase marker to the wallpaper several years ago. I was doing some serious cleaning down there before school started and decided to see if the Magic Eraser would handle several-years-old dry erase marker. It came off like a dream.

Mr. Clean for the WIN!


Mary Pugh said...

magic erasers have saved Jack and Marian many a time!

John said...

Your nephews will be bringing you a pack of magic erasers on their next visit.

Packrat said...

Gotta love 'em - children and magic erasers - lol.

Hint: When you open a new eraser, cut it in 4ths or at least in half. For most jobs you don't need to use the whole pad. This will save you quite a bit of money, because you aren't wasting a whole pad when a small piece will work. (I don't buy the ones with soap in them. I haven't noticed that they work any better than the ones w/o soap. just my opinion)

Packrat said...

PS: Another hint: Markers, other ink, food coloring, Kool-aid, etc. on fabric - use rubbing alcohol before you try anything else. Drench area in rubbing alcohol and blot with paper towels or colorfast rags then wash if the item is washable. Using water first will set the ink/dyes into the fabric. (Had a skirt bleed dye onto a T-shirt the other day. Nothing worked taking that out. Rats.)

Marcindra LaPriel said...

Just when you think they've invented everything, you find a magic eraser.

I feel this being a new plot for a fiction series.

Roseann said...

Just you wait till Ike gets a little bigger... My walls are horrible. Not just scuff marks, but food, dirt, and who knows what else. You wonder how things get where they are - like the red something about my eye level on my blinds (gotta clean that one of these days). I clean my walls probably monthly, if not more, but you might not think so by looking at my walls. I should take the magic eraser to some of those scuff marks - great idea.