06 July 2011

Seven Months

I actually feel like Ike's development from the six-month mark to this one has not been as significant as other month-to-month changes I've seen. He is still a delightfully happy baby. At a wedding reception the other night one of Eric's aunts said she had never seen him cry. (I told her to just wait until the family reunion coming up.) He loves to stare at people and makes for some great entertainment for the folks behind us at church.

He is crazy about his exersaucer, which until his lay-off I'd kept at work. Now he plays in it at home, and his love for that thing hasn't waned in the least bit.

He sits up a bit on his own now, and that's nice. He usually will only sit up if I set him up; he's not remotely interested in getting to the sitting position on his own. He's perfectly content to roll around on the floor playing what whatever he can find.

Since taking him to the sitter's twice a week he has really started to babble - I think watching the sitter's kid encouraged him to do that.

When Eric gets home from work, Ike just kicks and wiggles with all sorts of excitement. Of course, he does the same thing when he sees the light in the stairwell, so who's to say that Ike really likes his dad all that much? (He does.)

He is a great little sleeper and a great nurser. He still likes to eat solid foods well enough but sometimes he insists on nursing instead. Since that is faster, cleaner and less work for me I pretty much always let him nurse when he rejects the solids. Since I started feeding him solids he really understands now when everyone around him is eating, and he always wants to take part. Pretty much any time I feed him he makes a sour face initially and then opens his mouth asking for more. It's adorable.

I thought he would be crawling by this point based on how much rolling and moving about he does on the floor. A month ago he acted like he was going to crawl at any second, but he didn't make a lot of progress in that front this month. I'm perfectly fine with that. Crawling babies are much more destructive than rolling ones.


P1 Steven said...

Im sad I dont get to see him more often. You should bring him when we get our house. Sammy loves to be the big boy. Sammy was 8 old (dec 12) when he crawled and said "bye dadda" in the same day. Major events coming soon for you.

P1 Steven said...

8 months old*

Packrat said...

He'll shock you one of these days. Each baby delightfully (stole your word) different.

Priscilla said...

I would like to believe he loves the hallway light more than he loves his dad. This brings me a fair amount of amusement.