06 March 2011

Three Months

I feel so stereotypical saying that I can't believe my baby is three months old, but there you have it. Ike smiles more and even lets out a short giggle-like sound sometimes. He has been known to fret a time or two over my leaving the room. He regressed a bit in his sleeping, but he sleeps pretty much all day while I'm working, so I can't complain too much. He still has blue eyes, and I think he will keep them forever (though I'm told they can still change for several months).

He spits up a lot, which is why almost all the pictures of him feature him wearing a bib. When I took him to the doctor last month we discussed his milk allergy. It turns out that he has a "milk protein sensitivity," and that it's fairly common among babies. He'll outgrow it. Meanwhile, I have the option of avoiding dairy or not. The pediatrician said that as long as it doesn't hurt him to spit up a ton, I don't really need to change my diet. But his spitting up is just so messy, that I'm still dairy-free. (And miraculously I have not keeled over dead; nor have I given up altogether despite the numerous thoughts I've had about doing so.)

Ike's newest development is his consistent ability to get his hands to his mouth to suck on them. He hasn't quite figured out that his hands belong to him, but I can tell he's on the verge.

When he rolled from his belly at three weeks, people told me he'd probably get too fat to keep that up, but he can still do it. He isn't as consistent about it as he used to be, but I think that's because he doesn't hate being on his belly as much as he used to. In fact, sometimes he has a great time on his belly. During tummy time he can lift his head very high, but his neck gets tired pretty quickly, and it's amusing to watch him try to keep it up. He likes to stand up with our support, but he doesn't last very long at that. He loves to be sung to.

He's gotten to be a little less expressive in his facial expressions, but he is a lot more vocal. Plus he smiles a lot, so it makes up for the lack of so many funny faces.


Packrat said...

Ike is so cute! Another cuddly looking baby. :)

Ummmmm, as to the eyes - my son and my (husband's) great niece both were born with bright blue eyes. Their eyes didn't change color for good (as they got older they'd kind of change with the clothing they wore) until they were both in kindergarten. They both now have really dark brown eyes. Will be interesting to see when or if Ike's eyes do change color.

trishtator said...

Chubby baby asleep in Bumbo chair? Holy cow Sherry that is ridiculously cute! I don't know how you can stand it :)