22 March 2011


Blogging has really taken a backseat in my life lately. It's not that I don't have things to say. There are certainly things I've been thinking about and would like to write about, I just haven't had the time. (Cliche, I know.) What could possibly be more important than keeping my blog current?
  • We closed on our house on Friday.
  • We're packing all our belongings into boxes and moving for the twelfth time in less than six years. For those of you who are not really great at math, that averages to more than two moves every year.
  • I work full time.
  • Plus I have an infant.
  • Plus Eric and I are watching all the past seasons of "30 Rock" on NetFlix. (Priorities, people.)
In addition to those things there have been family events, excessive basketball watching, (I guess you could say I've been Jimmered. Har.), enjoying the nice weather when it's been nice, sorting through things so we don't take junk to our new house, hanging out with friends, and fretting about paint colors (These are easily the scariest decisions I've ever made. Somebody should just tell me what to do. Even better, I should just hand over my credit card to somebody who will go to the paint store and come back and THEN tell me what to do).

I'll tell you what I haven't been doing: wasting time on Facebook, that's what.


Fionna said...

Use of your credit card to buy paint for your rooms? Sign me up! If I were closer I would come over and help. Your house is going to look great. Congratulations!

Jenny said...

do NOT hand over your credit card.

Packrat said...

Congratulations on getting a home of your own. May you be settled for a long while.

Hint: Don't worry about paint. Painting is messy and time consuming, but it isn't the end of the world if you don't like the first go around. I know that dark colors seem to be the fad now, but if in doubt, go with the lightest color on the paint card. Light is easier to cover than dark. Good luck.:)