18 February 2011

Review: Dixit

Dixit is one of the newest award winning games. The premise is quite simple. Each player holds six cards in his hand. Each card has a picture on it. (The pictures tend to be fairly surreal. Some of these pictures are quite lovely, and I'd like to own prints of a few of them.) On your turn, you are the "storyteller." You select one of the pictures in your hand and lay it face down on the table. You then give a clue about the picture. The clue can be anything you'd like as long as it is a verbal clue. Each player then lays a card (face down) that he feels best fits the clue. The cards are then mixed up and turned face up on the table. Each player then guesses which card truly belonged to the story teller.

If you guess correctly, you get some points. If somebody guesses your card when you were not the storyteller, you get a point. The real trick is in the storytelling. If everybody selects the correct card, the storyteller receives no points. If nobody guesses correctly, the storyteller still receives no points. So the trick is to be obscure, but not too obscure.

It's a fun game and is great for groups. You could play it with three players, but four is really a minimum to have an enjoyable time. There are enough pieces to accommodate six players, but you could easily play with a few more if you tweaked things.

I recently reviewed another board game, and I've got at least three more that I need to get around to reviewing at some point. We are big board game geeks, and we are always looking for board game geek friends. If you are new-ish to my blog and care to read more about fun board games, here are some of my other board game reviews:
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Jenny said...

sometimes I feel like a board game geek island. Why don't you live closer?

Jana said...

My mom got Dixit for Christmas! I agree that it's really fun, especially once you get the hang of it.

Janssen said...

Try Wits and Wagers. . . I think you'd love it.