06 February 2011

Two Months

Today Ike is two months old. Tomorrow he is getting a whole bunch of vaccinations. I am not particularly looking forward to it.

He has changed a lot in the last month. He's put on quite a bit of weight. The last time I weighed him he was 12 lbs 4 oz. He's developing a bit of a double chin, and it's as cute as can be. He's got little folds around his ankles and wrists, and I love them. He has outgrown some of our favorite newborn outfits and grown into some very cute 0-3 month outfits. (The picture on the left was taken about three weeks ago. You can see the double chin and the fattening of the wrists.)

He makes eye contact quite a bit now, which is kind of nice. Plus he smiles! He tends to smile at me more often than at Eric, but I think that is just because I am with him all the time. No doubt Ike will prefer Eric in just a short while.

This week I returned to work full time, and Ike came with me. It's been very successful so far, and people in the office like having him around, or at least they pretend to, which is very nice of them.

When we were shopping for a house, our real estate agent commented numerous times that Ike was just the best little baby. We agree! (We have selected a house, by the way. Story and pictures to follow, maybe.)

He sleeps in his cradle now (instead of his carseat or the swing, which is where he'd been sleeping since around Christmas when we went to stay with Eric's parents for a few days.) The transition to the cradle was really a breeze, and I'm not sure why we didn't do it sooner. We just swaddle him and plop him in there. He coos for a while, cries for a while and then falls asleep for a while. It's a good deal. Plus he usually will sleep from about 9-10 at night until 4 the next morning, and after being fed he'll sleep again until about 8. I think that's pretty good for two months. (If it's not good, please do not tell me and ruin my delusional state. I enjoy it.)

Ike loves baths, his Bumbo chair, binkies, being sung to, and eating. He tolerates being thrown in the air, which I have started doing so that he will enjoy it more when he's older. I have a firm belief that babies should enjoy being tossed in the air, and you've got to start them young.

There has been one rather depressing aspect of Month Two of Ike's life: I have learned that he is allergic to cow's milk. Of course, I haven't given him cow's milk directly, but when I eat dairy products, he does not react well. I have been off dairy products for about two weeks now, and I was beginning to notice a significant difference in his reflux. Then I carelessly ate some sandwiches with cheese on them at a wedding shower yesterday, and today his reflux was back to its terrible self again. The lack of dairy is terribly depressing, but the lack of excessive spit up is quite nice.


Janssen said...

You are a good soul to give up a dairy. I would weep for a long time.

And also blow my entire budget on goat cheese.

Jessica Leigh said...

Oh dear on the milk... maybe it has been some hidden gene in the L family...? Do any of Ike's other L cousins have milk allergies or just C? Maybe they'll also share a love of blueberry bagels :)

On a side note -- LOVE baby fat wrinkles! And the double chin... so cute! :)

Annie said...

He is a cutie, i hope he grows out of the dairy free stage, it could be a lactose intolerant thing if he just get reflux as a reaction, better than my hubby who has a MAJOR allergy reaction to anything with whey protein

Jenn said...

Ike's sleeping is not just good; it is phenomenal. Libby is 5 months and still doesn't sleep that well - so count your blessings and keep doing whatever you're doing!

That's awesome that you get to take him to work! Is that just for the short-term or that the long-term plan as well?

He's a cutie!

Jenny said...

You're looking good together!

P1 Steven said...

My advice as a sesoned father is stay on a schedule. We have had very little issue with Sammy sleeping through the night. Starting at about 6 weeks he started doing at least 6 straight hours on a regular basis. I never understand these parents who take their kid (2 or younger) out to eat late at night.

Packrat said...

You are lucky to figure out now the problem of dairy products. It is a hassle for you to do without, but worth the effort in the long run.

Baby and Mommy are such cuties.