23 December 2010

Where I've Been

Yes, I am still alive. My time also seems to be very consumed with a newborn. Who would have guessed? I have been wanting to post for a while, but what to write, what to write? I have this horrible fear that my blog, which has for the last three and a half years has been my place to express my thoughts on whatever I'd like, will become a mommy blog. I don't really have a problem with mommy blogs; I just don't want this one to be solely about the Mancub complete with pictures of every little thing he does and endless descriptions of his current habits (eating, sleeping, spitting up, dirtying diapers). Surely I can find more interesting things to say.

Only right now, not so much. My day consists of feeding, napping, cleaning up spit-up, changing diapers and making feeble attempts at keeping my flat liveable. Also, a lack of sleep makes it difficult for me to engage in any sort of political or philosophical discussion, despite the fact that I am still reading and listening to very interesting things.

In conclusion, I am still alive. I'm liking the mom thing, I just don't want to bore you out of your minds with descriptions of it. Or to bore you out of your minds with pictures, so here are just a few:


Jenny said...

Motherhood looks good on you~!
You're a very sweet family.
Merry Christmas!

Brianne said...

I am amused. :) I'm sure you find that your blog is a place to write about your thoughts. And when your thoughts are consumed mostly by motherhood, perhaps you will write more about that. And it's okay! I haven't taken inventory of my own blog, but I bet it's got quite a bit of motherhood, and quite a bit of "Other" too. Welcome, Sherry, to your new life!

Angela Noelle of SK said...

A time of appropriate deviation is totally acceptable...in my book. :P

Packrat said...

Wonderfully written. Wonderfully said. However, you are entitled to write whatever you would like. It is your blog. :) What a beautiful Mancub and family! Welcome to the motherhood club. Enjoy every minute. (You have probably noticed that time is flying away at an ever increasing rate.) Merry Christmas!