15 December 2010

A Little More than a Muffin Top

I think the word "awkward" gets thrown around far too casually. It's come to be used as a word to describe things that are not necessarily awkward but maybe are just plain strange or nerdy or something. So when I describe a situation as awkward, I really try to make sure that the situation was actually awkward.

On Friday night I went to the dinner portion Eric's work Christmas party. We stayed our first few post-hospital days with Eric's Grandma L., and she was very kind to tend the Mancub while I went to the dinner. I really wanted to go to the dinner because I hadn't yet met any of Eric's co-workers, and the dinner was being held at Tepanyaki, which is one of those Japanese grill restaurants like Benihana's where they grill your food right in front of you. These restaurants are on the pricey side, so I'd never been to one. The thought of missing out on such a free meal made me decide that I could pull myself together five days after giving birth to attend this function. I was (and am) still looking fairly pregnant at that point, but I did my hair and make-up and put on one of my nicer maternity outfits for the occasion.

As we waited for the employees and their dates to arrive, we all mingled and greeted each other. One of Eric's co-workers said to me, "So, are you so excited to have a baby?" I replied that I was very thrilled. The co-worker's date then said, "You should have told her you weren't pregnant, just to mess with her." To which I replied, "Oh, I'm not pregnant. I had a baby on Monday." I could see this dawning awareness on his face as he realized that he had just told me I looked pregnant, so I very quickly tried to remedy with, "It's okay. I totally still look pregnant. Easy mistake!" I'm not really sure if that actually made anything better.

The dinner was awesome, by the way.

Now enjoy some topically related Brian Regan (the whole thing is pretty funny, the related bit starts at 2:00):


Brianne said...

When will people learn that you never ask, even if you're dang sure she's 9 months pregnant? Oh, and you never say things like "You get bigger every time I see you," or "I didn't believe you were pregnant, but now you're huge!" or "Must be soon!" or my personal favorite, "You look like you're ready to pop." I've had a few nice(r) ones, though. Such as "You look really beautiful," and "I can't believe how much your baby is growing!" But quit telling me, "Wow, you totally look ready." Because, dang it, I know exactly how ready I am and how much longer I have, and you better step away or I will strangle you. Have a nice day! :)

Ana said...

I had that happen after I had the wombat but I TOTALLY still looked pregnant so wasn't offended - still doesn't make the person who said feel any better when you correct them though haha - with the others though I think I shrunk back down fairly smartly.

That guy was HILARIOUS. Thanks for sharing!

I saw Marsa in the weekend and I was wearing a big flowy pinny dress top - she asked if I was pregnant and I said No - no, I'm not pregnant. She didn't hear me and asked me when I was due so I had to repeat that I wasn't pregnant AGAIN - HA!

Science Teacher Mommy said...


And I never stop looking pregnant until after I quit nursing.