04 December 2010

Induction Schminduction

I did not get induced yesterday. When I called at 6:30 a.m. to find out what time I needed to come in, I was told that they already had had two emergency c-sections, plus a number of women who went into birth naturally, plus a few women ahead of me in the induction line. (I am at the bottom of the list until Monday, when I will be 41 weeks along, and thus "indicated" rather than "elective.") In other words, the labor and delivery ward was almost completely full, and they needed to save a couple of open rooms for the ladies who were bound to come in on their own that day. The lady, who had no sympathy for me whatsoever, told me to call back at 9. When I called at 9, I talked to a much more sympathetic lady who told me she was very sorry that I would have to wait until Monday to be induced. What she said was basically the same thing, but the way she said it made me feel so much better about the whole situation.

On the down-side, I was really looking forward to having my baby by now. My back is really bothering me, and I am anxious to get this baby out. On the up-side, I'm not actually looking forward to being induced. I'd much rather go into labor on my own, and this gives me a little more time to do so.

Plus, our company Christmas party was last night, and I totally would have missed it had I been induced yesterday.

Also, on Monday my dad is having triple bypass surgery, so if you are the praying sort, we'd both appreciate your prayers. It is a big day for our family.


Janssen said...

The attitude makes all the difference in the message.

Crossing my fingers that you'll go into labor on your own and avoid the pitocin.

Brianne said...

What a miserable spot for you to be in. But you see things much more positively than I would! BTW, sorry Bryan called you this morning. I know how it only adds to the frustration when people are calling and saying, "So?" I hope you go into labor on your own before Monday. Hang in there!

Jana said...

Yikes, a very big day for your family! I think that even if I weren't the praying sort, I would make an exception in this case.

Packrat said...

Your dad is in my prayers. I will be thinking of the rest of your family, too, as this whole thing is very stressful for those sitting and waiting.

You are in my prayers, too.

trishtator said...

You can do it! I hope it all goes as ideally as possible. My prayers are with you and your Dad.