11 June 2010

Finally Furnished

Behold, the couches:
The day after my rant about the terrible service from Couch Potatoe I called the company to find out when our couches would be coming. The fellow told me they were having a few issues with their delivery guy and he'd call me back in half an hour to schedule an appointment.

An hour and a half later I called back. No answer. I called again. No answer. By this time I was beyond frustrated. I left a message telling them that if we didn't get our couches I would file a theft report with the police, as Packrat had suggested. I really didn't want to get mean with them, but I felt like I didn't have a choice. Plus, I told them that I didn't want to file a theft report; I just wanted what I had paid for.

The fellow called back and was ready to make an appointment to drop of the couches that afternoon. Unfortunately, Eric would not be home to help the delivery guy haul the couches up to our flat. But I was eager to have them, and I was worried that if we scheduled for the next day they would fall through again.

When the time came, I spent 45 minutes helping the delivery guy lug the couches upstairs. In the process he told me that it was his first day and that the other delivery guy was pretty flaky and the company was having a lot of problems with him.

Which made me feel a little badly for the way that I had treated them. Except not very. Because had they explained to either Eric or me that they were dealing with a staff issue, we would have been a little more laid back about the whole process. We've both been in work situations where there is staff shortage, and we know how frustrating it can be. But no explanation was EVER given for the lateness of the couches. This was particularly frustrating on the day when we were told the couches would be there by a certain time, and then no attempt was even made to explain to us why the couches were not delivered. Plus, the flaky delivery guy absolutely did not account for all the times the employees at the store told us they would call us back and then failed to do so.

But I suppose all is well that ends well, and we do rather like the look of our living room. But next time we'll buy more expensive couches from a more reputable source.


Ana said...

One time I ordered something for Fuzz from a Felt store (www.felt.co.nz) - I bought and paid for the item early, I contacted the seller via means of the Felt messaging system and explained that I needed the item by such and such a day as it was for my husband's BIRTHDAY. I informed the seller that I specifically chose to buy from him as I saw that he was in Christchurch and knew that he would be able to get the bday pressie to me (in Dunedin) by the next day Fast Post. Anyway I NEVER heard ANYTHING from the seller. A couple of days went by and I sent several frenzied and anxious messages - probably regretful ones saying I wished I'd made my purchase from an Auckland seller instead - STILL. NOTHING. Fuzz's birthday came. Fuzz's birthday passed. About 3 days after his birthday (STILL nothing from the seller. AT ALL) his pressie arrived - by courier no less. EXPENSIVE courier - with no tracking. I don't believe in tracking myself - but expensive courier with NO tracking!??! I was also ticked off that COURIER was the only postage option that the seller offered. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Who offers only ONE. EXPENSIVE. postage option - that doesn't even get a parcel there on time, let alone quickly? FAIL. I see the point of postage being expensive if it gets something to your customer quickly, but SEVERAL days and NO word of what's going on?? Unacceptable.

I was quite peeved but still only gave him a neutral feedback. I NEVER heard anything from him.

Glad you got your couches! Finally :)

Jenny said...

They're lovely!

Reminds me of the year that Santa delivered two of his gifts two days late via priority mail... Grrrrrrrr.

Alice said...

you need some pillows to add alittle color to your room. Pictures on the walls and flowers on the tables to make is seem more homy.

Janssen said...

They look nice!

Lanette said...

Those look awesome! Way to get after them--really, they were asking for it. I'm glad they came through, and your living room looks really nice!

Packrat said...

So glad everything finally worked out. Love the color scheme!

John said...

It looks very nice. Clearly you need nephews over there to wreak havoc...it's way to neat.

trishtator said...

Could you please come clean my house, so it looks like that?