06 April 2010

A Simple Request

When I die, please do not make an "In Memory of Sherry L--" fan page. It is weird to be a fan of such a thing. Maybe simply a "Sherry L--" fan page would do. But you know, then people would feel obligated to join because I would be dead. I don't want to put anybody through that. As if they aren't already sad enough that I'm gone, they'd have the guilt on top of that. It just wouldn't be fair.
But if you must make a fan page about my death, then please make sure that somebody hacks into my personal Facebook account and makes me a fan of it. Because that would be pretty funny.


Packrat said...

Sherry, Sherry, Sherry... Once in a while you come up with the craziest things. I was laughing, but do you know what the word verification is? *crashe* I'm not liking this so much. Sorry, girl. I want you alive and in one piece. HUGS, Sue

Steven said...

Ok, when you kick the bucket (In about 70 years) I will take it upon myself to create a "In Loving Memory Fan Page". Then rather than trying to hack your account (maybe Eric can help me with that), I'll just create a fake facebook account with your name! Then Ill leave a remark by you that will say, "I'll sure miss me, I was the greatest, and so was my blog."

John said...

Sherry, please ask your husband to work a little less. Clearly he needs to spend more time with you.