08 April 2010


I love countdowns. I practically live for countdowns. Anyone who talks to me often knows that I am almost always counting down to something.

I don't know that I can say when it started, but as a kid and teenager, I always counted down to my birthday. (I still do that, actually.)

I started counting down to my wedding day at 77 days. (It just happened to be a Friday when somebody asked me when I was getting married. I knew that I was getting married on a Friday, so I counted the weeks until my wedding day, and from then on out it was easy to keep track.)

When I don't have anything really awesome to count down to, I count down until my next vacation day.

Right now I am counting down to my cruise. That's right. A CRUISE. Eric and I are going on a cruise in three weeks and two days (to celebrate our fifth anniversary). It is going to be awesome, and it is the only thing that got me through the months of February and March. I'm pretty sure it will be the only thing that gets me through April.

When I am back from the cruise, I will count down to Memorial Day.

Are you counting down to anything? If you are lacking something, I recommend counting down to my cruise. It's highly enjoyable.


Packrat said...

How fun! I'll count down as long as you promise to post pictures when you get home. LOL

Jenny said...

As long as it's not ME going on that cruise... [shudder] but YAY! for you. And happy-almost-anniversary!