15 May 2008


Today the weather is absurdly wonderful, so I am meeting Eric in 45 minutes to go for a walk in the gardens.

I never mentioned that I joined the local pool. Well, I did. And it's great.

Last night we watched Napoleon Dynomite for the first time in a long time. It was great. I forgot how funny that movie is, and how much I love it if only for the fact that it pokes so much fun at Idaho. Eric rented (yes, rented, not checked out) two other movies from the library, so we will have to watch them soon too.

My first week of teaching seminary was good. I will get better at it, and hopefully the kids will be more interactive as we go along. I am hoping to do more game-playing, especially of Scripture Mastery games. If anyone has suggestions for getting the kids to not stare blankly at me (or at the floor) when I ask a question, that'd be great. Or if you have suggestions for fun Scripture Mastery games, feel free to fill me in.

The smell in my apartment is still lingering. It's gradually going away. It doesn't help matters, though, that last night I burned barley very badly. I should make a rule for myself never to close the kitchen door while I'm cooking because I tend to think I've the food has more time to cook than it does, and thus, the burning (more like severe scorching) two dishes in one week.

I am dying to see the new Batman movie. Dying, I tell you. Have you seen the previews? It looks amazing. Also, I'm excited about Ironman, but only because everybody says it's so good, and I'm excited about the new Indiana Jones movie. Unfortunately, New Zealand doesn't have dollar theaters. Fortunately, there is a theater nearby that sells cards that will give you a discounted rate on movie tickets, and we're pretty sure we're going to buy a couple of those.


snowpunter said...

I remember at times having a fear of talking about "spiritual things" in front of my peers at that age in seminary. I think that after my sophomore year I grew more comfortable with the idea of discussing the gospel in a school-like setting.

Maybe its just me but maybe laying out the notion of saying whatever you want/feel without the fear of retribution since we're all brothers and sisters in the gospel-type dealio.

But then again, maybe it was just me.

Kristy said...

Yeah, I'm so excited for Batman and Indiana Jones, too. And Prince Caspian. Good movies this year, yay!

Casey and Cindy's Blog said...

The only games in seminary that got my class "involved" was when we did scripture mastery chases and food was involved. One game we played often was kinda like yankee swap. The teacher brought a variety of candy bars and the first person to find the scripture picked a candy bar. The next round whoever found the scripture first could pick a new candy bar or steal and so on... until all of the candy was gone.

Another teacher made us sit with different groups every 2 weeks and as a team we got participation points (for answering questions), attendance points (only if you were on time), and points for each person who could get to the scripture mastery within 15 seconds. At the end of the 2 weeks she would bring that group doughnuts or something. I must say more people were on time and participated. It's amazing how food can be a strong motivator.

Karina Morales said...

Sherry, teaching seminary is my favorite of all the callings I have had. Food is definately a good thing, but don't worry, there are other ways, too. I remember it helped keep the kids awake if I walked around and got close to them when i taught and when I asked them things. Rearranging the chairs often also helped make the classroom more interesing. I remember doing role playing with and without props during lessons, too. I'm excited for you. I know you'll be a lot of fun.