11 May 2008

Bad Karma?

I got a new calling yesterday. It was utterly unexpected. What is it? I will give you three hints:

  1. It is a five-day-a-week calling.
  2. It involves the youth.
  3. It is early in the morning.
Oh, you've got it now? Yes, I'll be a seminary teacher. The seminary teacher, in fact. And despite the early mornings (which I dread) I am really excited. We are studying the Old Testament this year, so it will be a great opportunity for me to learn more about it. I studied the Old Testament my freshman year of high school, and my teacher had various health issues that year, so I don't remember much of what I learned.

And besides, seminary here is at 7 a.m. Not 6 like it was where I grew up. Piece of cake. Oh, wait? You're saying I can't just show up in my pajamas like I did in high school? I have lessons to prepare? Oh. Well, in that case we'll just see how it goes, won't we.

1 comment:

Bart said...

Fun times! I really enjoyed teaching seminary for a month here when the seminary teacher was unavailable due to jaw surgery.

You'll be great!