30 May 2016

Trixie: Nine Months

It's been an eventful month for Trixie. She now army crawls and sits up really well on her own. She occasionally goes from sitting up to lying down so she can crawl, but mostly when I put her down sitting up she just sits there placidly. Once she finally tips over, she'll go all over the place. She's gotten into a sitting position on her own once. I'm sure she'll get much better over this next month.

This month was Trixie's maiden voyage in a canoe. I'm not going to lie, we ditched the ill-fitting life jacket pretty early on.

She started to get a bit fussy toward the end of the journey, but overall, she was a great baby on her first canoe ride.

We went again this past Saturday with various people in our ward who also own boats, and she was even better the second time. Also, we borrowed a learn-to-swim vest from somebody (not technically a life jacket, but probably better than nothing), and that worked somewhat better than the life jacket. Mostly she sat in my lap, but I also plopped her down on the floor of the boat and let her gnaw away at my apple core, which she thought was pretty okay.

Our boat was really full with our three kids and two additional kids from our friends' family.

This month we discovered that Trixie does not like grass.

But she does like balloons. (She was giggling like crazy while Grandma Great played with her.)

I love to dress her up on Sundays for church. (Also, note that her eyes are still blue. People often comment about that. I think they might stay blue with this one, but we'll see.)

Trixie loves her brothers, and they love her. I was on a phone call one morning that wasn't wrapped up by the time she woke up, so I sent her brothers to entertain her until I could go get her. They found the whole concept of climbing into her bed hilarious. She enjoyed having them around, but I think she was also a little bewildered by the experience.

We've bathed all three kids together a few times before, but it was hard with the little baby seat and the two boys. Now that Trixie can sit up on her own, it's easier to bathe all three. But it's still kind of crowded. (Also, look at those tan lines on my boys. And it's only May! I need to be more diligent with daily sunscreen for them.)

 And, I saved the best picture of the month for last. We took this one of her at the Tulip Festival at Ashton Gardens. I love tulips, and I love this baby.


Jenn said...

That blue striped romper with matching bow is adorable!

Feisty Harriet said...

It is so fun to see her growing up!