01 May 2016

Trixie: Eight Months

This past month has been one of mobility. Trixie doesn't crawl (or even army crawl) yet, but she does roll all around. She'll be crawling by next month.

This month Trixie has loved watching her brothers play. She really wants to join them, which is her major motivator in figuring out movement. She also loves the exersaucer. And all foods. I have yet to feed her something that she doesn't like. All food is good and desirable to this baby.

Also, she has two teeth! I know that's not a big deal, but the boys didn't get teeth until eleven months, so to see a tooth pop through at just past the seven-month mark was surprising. And then its neighbor followed a week or so later. I spent all month saying, "I can't believe you have teeth already!" even though having teeth at this age is perfectly unexceptional.

We took Trixie camping and hiking for the first time this month. She was a champion hiker (because really, how hard is it to ride around in a backpack?), but not such a champion camper. Once she is finally sleeping through the night, I think she'll be better at camping. I tried sleep training her this month but took a hiatus when she got an ear infection.

I am insanely sad that she has outgrown this dress. It was fun while it lasted, though.

Here she is, happy as a hiking clam.

She has really grown to love the exersaucer. She loves all the toys around it, but she also loves that she can flail her body around while she's in it and not hit her head on anything.

Ike actually took this picture of her. She was so excited about him standing over her with my phone that she couldn't stop flailing around. She adores her brothers.

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Lisa said...

Happy 8 Months, Trixie is looks like a bundle of joy and fun :)