28 November 2012

Toddler Christmas Tree

I got this idea from Pinterest, but I didn't read the instructions. I just saw the picture and decided it was something I wanted to do. Eric didn't think that ticky tack would make the tree stick to the wall. He was wrong. Eric didn't think Ike would like it. He was wrong again. (In Eric's defense, he was a very good sport about helping me put the thing together considering he thought the boy wouldn't even care about it.)

I didn't manage to put on proper clothes or make-up that day. And Ike isn't matching because I let him choose his shirt, and it was time to do laundry. That is just how Mondays go around here.


Jenn said...

I made one of these last year and Libby just wanted to pull the whole tree off the wall. I figured she was just too young, but when I put it up this year, she had the same instinct again.

And good for you for taking pictures even on days when clothes don't match!

Janssen said...

This is awesome. Ella would probably love this but I'm way too lazy.

Angela Noelle said...

Um...didn't Janssen FOLD ORIGAMI STARS and make an AWESOME ADVENT THINGEE lately? Hahaha.

This post is sweet, and it looks really effective with the circles!