03 May 2011

Gardening is my Cooking

A few years ago I remember reading a blog post that somebody had written about not knowing how to cook. She told a story of reading a recipe and not understanding some of the terms that were used in the instructions. Specifically, she mentioned that when "pieces of cooked chicken" were listed, she didn't know what that meant. How big were the pieces supposed to be? White meat? Dark meat? As I read that blog post, it amused me that she was so clueless about cooking. The instructions (which she included) seemed perfectly clear to me. I just didn't really get what could be so difficult about cooking a basic recipe.

As we finally get some spring weather around here it's time to start gardening. I love plants. Only, it's kind of like that blogger I was mentioning above. She loved food, she just didn't know how to make it.

I've talked to people before about gardening, and I always ask lots of questions and get lots of answers, but in the end I still find myself as dumb as when I started. There's so much jargon that I'm just not familiar with. There are so many technical things that I don't know how to do. There are so many weeds that look like flowers to me!

Good thing Eric knows a thing or two about working in the garden. I'll just let him boss me around.


Annie said...

I started a small herb garden last year. I find them to be easier. I planted mint last year and it has spread out, so it smells nice after mowing. this year i'm sticking to pots so i can control it better.
Fun stuff

Ana said...

Companionship planting - Chris bought me a book last year for Mother's Day and that's been like my gardening Bible. That and the internet have been my friend - but you wanna specifically search for your country and area and also a good idea to look at several people's opinions especially if they wildly differ!! A small tiered greenhouse for growing seedlings is good. Plant flowers amongst your veges - ones that can protect them from bugs, ones that add flavour and a lot of flowers that do this are also edible. Good luck!!!

Jenny said...

This made me smile.
I'm feeling this way about quilting.
But I'm diving in!
Be fearless.