06 May 2011

Five Months

At five months, Ike is a little gem. He sleeps really well - still taking three naps a day and rarely awake for longer than an hour at a time when we're on the schedule. After a couple of rough days at work about a month ago, I was ready to start leaving him with a sitter. But I stuck things through and worked out some solutions, and he's still coming to work with me. My co-workers really enjoy having him around.

He is gradually becoming more mobile. He can occasionally flip himself from his back to his belly, but he usually gets stuck on his side. When placed on his belly, he often kicks his legs so much that he scoots forward. Consequently, I've been negligent in putting him on his belly as often as I ought to. (No crawling yet, Baby!)

He is really fascinated with toys. And pretty much anything that he can reach and put in his mouth.

When nursing, whichever hand is on top reaches upward to clutch anything he can grab. He used to use both hands to hold onto my shirt, but usually that free hand finds my hair or a necklace these days. He used to be such a focused little eater - there wasn't anything in the world that could distract him from eating. He's losing that focus. He always starts with great ambition but generally loses interest as he gets more full. If Eric is around and talking to me, I usually have to send him away so that Ike can focus on eating and get the job done.

Ike is not a super smiley or giggly baby (I think at this point I've gotten him to laugh all of three times). He is incredibly observant of his surroundings and of people. He loves to stare at people and interact with them. Those interactions just don't necessarily involve a lot of smiling. Sometimes there are smiles, but there is never any guarantee.

He really enjoys being thrown in the air now. It's fun to watch him smile as I toss him as high as I can.

Ike is a perfect baby. Here he is all decked out for Easter:


Janssen said...

I had to tell Bart the same thing about Ella when she was nursing. . . if he was around, there wasn't a chance she'd keep eating.

parchet lemn said...

He is so cute. You are very lucky with him, my little baby wake up me every night. But even so i like him so much .