04 September 2008

Seriously So Similar!

I want you to know I am NOT behind the times. Oh no, I've been following Seriously So Blessed! for a while now, thanks to Alli who introduced me to her. Even though I am only just now writing this post, I am not behind the times.

Seriously is written by TAMN (Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole) and is a satire of pretty much all Mormon Wife Bloggers. And she does a pretty darn good job of highlighting all the things we Mormon Wife Bloggers blog about. In reading I realized how much she reminded me of some of my own friends and several of the blogs that I read. I won't point out which of those people she is like because I think it is better for them to poke fun of themselves than for me to poke fun of them.

In thinking about how my friends are so much like TAMN it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe I am like her too.

  • My husband is in grad school, just like hers.
  • We are Mormon.
  • We say "like" and "so" too much. Not to mention "cute."
  • We both are complete suckers for Cafe Rio. Although, we order different things.
  • We both have nicknames for our friends from our first year at college.
  • We both think our husbands are "The BEST husbands EVER!"
  • We love to share pictures of our vacations and details of our holidays.
If you think of any others, feel free to poke fun of me!

And now for a few differences, and things that I am rather proud that we do not have in common:
  • I can spell.
  • I do not talk like a Utahn. (This deserves an entire post all to itelf).
  • I do not capitalize random letters in words.
  • I did not go to hair school or major in elementary education.
  • My parents offer no financial support. (Of course, we did live with Eric's parents there for a little while...)
  • I DETEST the words "hubby," "preggo," and "preggers."
  • I do not play music on my blog. I believe that is cruel. Why would I want to subject you to music that I enjoy. You can listen to your own music.
Anyway, if you haven't checked out the blog, it might be worth a look. How are you like/unlike TAMN?


Janssen said...

I'm sorry, but I hate Seriously So Blessed.

And I too hate the words "preggers" and "prego" and "hubby." I will kill anyone who ever uses those words in my presence.

jenn said...

I'm going to stand up for you, Sherry, and say that I don't think you're that similar at all! I read a few posts, but I can hardly stand how awful the spelling is so I don't think I'll be reading any more. You're far more thoughtful and independent than the "Mormon wife" that is represented there! And I third the motion that "preggers" and "prego" are ridiculous!

Bart said...

I'm interested to hear what you think sets Utahn speech apart from others.

Erin said...

I was going to comment on hubby & prego (I've thankfully been spared hearing "preggers" yet) but it looks like we're all already in agreement.

Sometimes in a fit of romantic enthusiasm Abe calls me "wifey". I don't mind.