14 September 2008

Please No Palin!

I'm really not too keen on Sarah Palin.

In fact, before McCain chose her as a running mate, I wasn't that averse to a McCain presidency, although I've been pro-Obama from the early stages of the democratic debates.

But Sarah Palin boggles my mind.

What is it, exactly, that everyone likes so much about her comparing herself to a pit bull?

And why is it so shocking that she kept her Down Syndrome baby and her teenage daughter is keeping her baby as well? Most people keep their babies! Abortions in the U.S. are not as high or as common as most right-wingers would have you think.

The bridge to nowhere? Palin approved the project until it was almost certain that it wasn't going to happen. And she certainly didn't tell Congress "Thanks but no thanks" to the money. It just went elsewhere in Alaska. (For questions, look at factcheck.org).

And to top it all off, she had NO IDEA what the Bush Doctrine was. Of course, most people don't know. Then again, most people are not candidates for the office of Vice President.

Also, living next to Russia does not equate to having any foreign policy knowledge at all.

Oh, it just pains me to think that McCain chose her! It pains me even more to think she could possibly be the next Vice President.


Megan B. said...

Lurker here coming out to say that I totally agree with you. She has told so many lies, she has no experience, and she will not figh for women's rights.

Tine Fey did a hilarious skit on SNL and mentioned the Bush Doctrine- it is so funny!

Jon said...

She is atrocious. Pure pandering to get the conservative working-class white (read: trash) vote.

That interview with Gibson was appalling. It was like seeing my mom get grilled on foreign policy by a seasoned veteran.

Matt Turner said...

With the bridge to nowhere stuff, isn't it her duty as governor to get any available funds for her state?

Sherry said...

Actually, no, I don't fault her for trying to get money for her state. That's what governors do. I just think she's really dishonest by making it sound as though she saved the federal government all this money on a dead-end project. In actuality, the money was spent, although it wasn't the project she had originally hoped for.

bubby69 said...

I agree even though I'm not that knowledgable about USA politics. She seems quite cut throat. Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blogs your stories are always interesting thanks for sharing your thoughts

Matt Turner said...

Something I read last night: 90% of fetuses with Down syndrome are aborted (here), so yes, abortions are very common in that case.
I realize I'm not going to change your mind by saying any of this (but I have to try). I have a buddy who is from Wasilla, and he had great things to say about his former mayor when I asked him about her. One line from him, that "special interest oil companies in Alaska don't like her much," seemed to be very different that what the media insinuates in saying that her husband works for an oil company.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

It pains me more to see that she might be the next president.

See the skit over at Nemesis today.

Her big thing is "take on government spending" which in McCain doctrine means "cut the earmarks." He has worked hard against this during his time as a senator, very seldom requesting funds for his home state. Palin didn't just do this as governor, when she was mayor she did the same. Wasilla had millions of federal dollars pumped into it while she was there.

The funny part is, with democratic leanings, I'm not all that opposed to certain types of earmarks (as long as they are built into bills that pertain to the same ideas), but I think it is pretty sick and wrong that she is running as a cut-your-taxes Republican when she pushed for money to be funneled to her state from tax money everyone pays. If that isn't the equivalent of a welfare program then tell me what is.

They DO like her in Wasilla. Because of all the money she funneled into the city, they have really been able to expand services and create jobs by getting the pipeline built. But if EVERY governor and mayor attempted to obtain the millions in funds she obtained then taxes would be through the roof.

I guess I'm saying that if she did good things that people like her for, then she needs to run on THAT platform. Instead the GOP has turned her into a pitbull wearing lipstick so they have their own cult of personality to match up to Barack Obama.

And, careful, Jon, the conservative working-class whites in this country are an important constituency and a valuable part of American society. All four candidates can claim to have descended from such. This group used to the be the democrats' bread and butter. The Republicans may be ruthlessly winning elections without any record of good governance, but if the democrats become stuck on single issues (i.e., it is nearly impossible to be a democratic candidate and be "pro-life" though I know many women who classify themselves this way), they will never make in-roads with groups who want good, limited government.