09 January 2008


Usually I don't post about Eric working grave shifts or Eric being out of town because I don't want to announce to the Internet that I am alone and vulnerable. But now that I live with Eric's parents I feel okay telling you that Eric is on a cruise. Right now. Without me.

And I think that is very lame.

Of course, he is escorting a mentally handicapped guy, so it's not an ideal situation for him either.

In some ways it's nice to be all alone. I mean, I did get to watch Gone With the Wind last night. And I'll get to devote a few other evenings to just reading Gone With the Wind. Plus I get to sleep spread-eagle, diagonally across the bed all alone with nobody hogging the blankets.

But, you know, he's my husband, and I kind of like him around. I'm sure I will be elated to see him on Friday.

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Noelle said...

I don't blame you! At least you have Rhett Butler to keep you company for a while though, right?