13 January 2008

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, Volume II

Before I talk about the Sunbeams today, let me first say that Eric came home on Friday. And you know what? He caught an earlier flight than he had planned, so I got to seem him three hours earlier than I anticipated. And you know what else? He surprised me by telling me that he had made reservations for the Chef's Table and a lovely little bed and breakfast called Hines Mansion for us for that very night. Everything was splendid.

And that's why I keep him around.

On to Sunbeams-

As you may recall from last week, I spent a good deal of time getting little Noah to warm up to me. All for not. Because when his dad brought him to class today, Noah sat down for approximately 2.7 seconds then chased after his dad and refused to stay in class by himself for most of the rest of the time. Eventually his dad left, and Noah survived.

And Logan? He still whispers. He's an interesting kid because he really just likes to observe and is pretty disinclined to participate. And yet, after we sing a song and I ask if we should sing it again, he always whispers "no." So instead, I try to let him choose which song we should sing. Of course, what really happens is that I stand up and perform a song while the kids stare at me, ignore me, or maybe join in for a couple of motions. Logan lives across the street, and he is really crazy about Kathleen. When I showed the kids pictures of my family and Eric's family, he found and pointed out Kathleen before any of the kids found me.

Joseph stayed in class today and was pretty much in his own little world the whole time. He spent a lot of time going through my bag and entertaining himself with the scissors, glue sticks and crayons that I had gotten from the library. And then he fell asleep on my lap during Sharing Time.

Then there was Zach who wanted to show me all the cool things he could do like jump high, throw his clown in the air and run fast. I felt like I did a pretty good job of "redirecting" him, as it is called. When he showed me how fast he could run, I asked him if he could run that fast back to his chair. When he showed me how high he could jump, I told him that was great and then told him I wanted to see how reverent he could be in his chair.

Then there was Karisa who was visiting for the second week. She was cute and good and actually spoke audibly this week.

So, all in all, nobody said or did anything hysterically funny. I really enjoy teaching them, although "teaching" is too strong a word since really I just play with them. It's interesting how different the kids are and how much of their personalities are already established, and yet they are only three years old!

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